Rose Veal

We proudly raise veals on our small dairy. When the cows have their babies half will be male and not have a milking future. We raise these bulls for 6 months with all the love and care of our heifers except they are never weaned off of milk. They live a very happy and indulgent bovine life and produce a fine quality meat that is always tender and delectable.

Rose Veal?

Rose veal is a term used to describe humanely raised veal. It derives from the pink hue of the meat, differing from the industry standard white veal.

This rose color is the result of having iron in their diet from eating grass and hay. Our guys also have plenty of room to roam and a comfy bedded pack to rest on. We like to think of them as our little gourmet beefs.

All of our veals are processed at a Certified Humane and USDA inspected facility 20 minutes south of the farm. It is a small family run operation that we are proud to patronize. It is nice to know our meat helps to support our neighbors’ rural livelihoods. Most importantly, the veals experience very little stress in transport.

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