Raw Milk

Our girls make some delicious milk! Creamy and sweet. Easy to digest. Fresh, cold and pure. From our grass to your glass. With a little help from some cute and amazing animals.

When you drink and use our milk you will be reminded of why dairy cows exist. Why their milk has been prized by humans for more than 10,000 years. Simply put, real milk is a miracle.

Raw Milk?

Raw milk is not pasteurized which means that all of the active enzymes, beneficial bacteria, vitamins and minerals are left intact and biologically available to nurture us.

Raw milk is not homogenized meaning that the cream naturally will rise to the top. Shake it up or skim it off for other uses.

Milk Quality

Our raw milk, just like all dairy milk is very safe to drink.

Our milk is cooled from 100F to 34F within a half hour of leaving the cows, preventing the growth of any harmful bacteria and maintaining the milk’s natural, nourishing microbiome.

All cows are tested free of Tuberculosis and Brucellosis and vaccinated for rabies yearly.

Our milk is laboratory tested 4 times per month to ensure its safety. The farm is a licensed Grade A facility and Tier II raw milk dairy and farmers are licensed milk handlers.

Animal Welfare

Our cows are everything to us. They are our valued employees, our best friends, our temporary arch enemies, our personal therapists and occasionally our patients. We love them. And while we can’t read their minds all the time, we’re fairly confident they love us too.

Every day of every year it is all about the girls. Milking, Feeding, Fencing, Watering, Soothing, Caring, Loving.

Land Stewardship

Cattle are a grazing ruminant, a type of mammal that can process incredibly inedible roughages (grass) into healthful and usable food for people.

In Spring, Summer and Fall. We practice rotational grazing a system of breaking up our fields into several smaller meadows which are grazed for a short time before the cows move on and the land can rest and regrow. The cows spread their own manure building healthier soil as they eat, ruminate and make milk.

Rotational Grazing promotes deeper spongy soils with perennial vegetative cover which enhances water quality to any neighbors downstream of the farm.

In general it is the farmer’s goal to expend the smallest amount of energy to get a task done; to be as efficient as possible. To us this means working with nature.

Buying Milk

Bulk milk: Reach out directly

Raw Milk Availability:

Farmstand 165 Sawyer Needham Rd Whiting, VT 05760

Fridays: 12pm-6pm

Saturdays: 9am-6pm

Sundays: 9am-6pm

AND Saturdays at the Farmers Market in Rutland. 9-2 summer/10-2 winter

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