Pastured Poultry

Our poultry flocks are important pieces of the farm. They produce two very important things. Food and Fertilizer!

All of our chickens spend the growing season in movable coops which spread the chickens’ manure evenly on our pastures and hay fields. This results in high quality grass and legume crops for our cows. In the process they produce healthy, lean and humane meat for us.

Pastured Roasters

Tender and succulent. Clean and lean. Our pasture raised Cornish Cross Hens are a superior bird for your kitchen.

These hens forage and live in contented safety in their open-bottomed pens. Moved every morning to fresh grass.

Birds are humanely processed by us on the farm. Raised during the pasture season. Available frozen year round while supplies last.

Inquire about bulk discounts (10+)

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